Since 28 November, 2003
Last Updated 1 July, 2006

Welcome to Atsuko's!

Hi, my name is Atsuko, playing sax. Here goes a brief introduction of myself.

My first musical experience was piano at the age of 3. Then joined a student band as a keyboardist in the band called "Acid Test", (based in Caterbury, the UK. I'm a graduate of the University of Kent at Canterbury). One day I finally met an alto saxophone and now it became my voice. I play jazz, funk, big band and others, and having gigs at several places in Tokyo area, including street performance. Born in Tokyo, Japan.

My instrument is King's model Super 20 Silver Sonic, matched with Beechler Metal mouthpiece for alto, and Prima Yanagisawa, soprano.

Contact : pseudojazzy™ (please change "™" into "@")

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